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August 23


And so the adventure begins. 

The red ride

The hideout

First night had a toke 'n talk hosted by BB & hc and a fine time was had by all!
In attendance  were BB, hc, OMB, alpha, and FlyByNite.




August 24


We visited
Green Solutions
a dispensary recommended by BB.

You are greeted by a budtender that is with you from entry to cash register
You can smell before purchase. Do not try to take the smell jar from the budtender, just do your sniff.

Barcode packaging

Golden Goat New pipe Coco
Vape & Charger




August 25

Lookout Mountain

Skip the sightseeing and get right down to weed related.

Club Ned is the place.
As close to an Amsterdam coffeeshop as I have seen anywhere.
And they have three Golden Retrievers. Chuck, Sweet Pea, and I didn't get the name of the last one.

Sweet Pea

Back to sightseeing

Golden from Mt Lookout
the big building is the Colorado School of Mines.



Month 26


Blue Dream

African Queen

Sugar Punch

Gorilla Glue  #4

Green Solutions Weed menu



Month 27


Pot Luck Dinner
At Cub Ned


The last Saturday of the month at Club Ned Is their pot luck dinner. Call to let them know you are coming. We didn't but were squeezed in anyway.
There were infused brownies, pot roast, sweedish meatballs, baked beans, infused garlic bread, and infused cake.
It was a fun ride home.

We also had free entertainment at the end of Malcolm Watson. A fine violinist http://barefootviolinist.com/who indulged in dinner, before entertaining us with a few of his songs. He can be found at




Month 28


Little cookout at BB's

More recovery for some than others. Cookout was welcome relief, as hc is quite the chef.



Month 29

Looked at dispensaries with discounts, but found that Green Solutions had better prices than the shops with discounts. Also looked at Ibake shops where one can toke. $10 gets membership for a month and the day visiting, but any ensuing visits during that month incur a $4.20 fee each time. They are basically a bare room with tables and chairs and they'll supply the toking implements,  but sell no weed.



Month 30


Found a shop in Boulder that confirmed they'd sell an ounce of their top shelf cannabis to anyone for $150! It's apparent that different jurisdictions have different rules. The vast majority of dispensaries close at 7pm in Denver, but later times in other areas. An area in Denver called Mount Church voted in April to keep their dispensaries open til midnight.

Weather's been cool all week, in the seventies and low eighties,with some rain each evening. Quite nice sans any humidity, whatsoever.

Had a fine meal at one of Denver's more famous restaurants called The Buckhorn.



Month 31




Another gorgeous day clearer than any before. Plans are hitting a library to try and print our boarding passes. The dispensary in Boulder and other assorted errands must be attended to.



September 1


FlyByNite flying by day, wtf?