West Coast Canna Tour
August 15 - 26, 2010



This tour is based around Hempfest 2010
in Seattle, Washington.

Gearheads, click HERE !

Every one else read on.


August 15th  Sunday



Late dinner at the All Star Cafe



August 16th Monday

San Francisco / Napa


On The Road To Napa

Napa Valley Grapes                             Excursion Train


Napa Valley From The Surrounding Mountains




August 17th Tuesday




Downtown Napa



Zeke was a great host




August 18th Wednesday

Tahoe / Reno



Our ride from San Francisco to Seattle



From The Golden Gate Bridge


And Alcatraz Island


Along the American River


Through The Mountains


The Road We Just Came Up                   Big Mojo Mountain


To Beautiful Lake Tahoe
this is just the south end of the lake.


Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe


Tea House On The Island


View of downtown Reno from
our Circus Circus 22nd floor room

Cheapest and nicest




August 19th Thursday

Humbolt County / Redwoods



Several large dry lake beds along the way to the coast.


We had some mountains to go through.


To the Pacific Ocean.



August 20th Friday

Humbolt County / Redwoods


The object of our quest. A California Redwood.


A snow capped mountain in Oregon


Portland, Oregon has twin towers, a new sports arena
and a traffic problem.


Got to Seattle and had an impromptu Toke & Talk with Cantona7.



August 21st Saturday



The Crowds


Big Joint over the McWilliams Stage


I wonder what ad person came up with this.



August 22nd Sunday


Ken Kesey's - Merry Pranksters 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test' Bus



August 23rd Monday





Vancouver Dispensary Menu



New Amsterdam Cafe


Dragon Kite Inside The New Amsterdam Cafe





August 24th Tuesday


Omni Max Theater at Science World

Gold Rush Fever

Amazing Caves

You watch the movie from about the middle of the dome.




August 25th Wednesday




August 26th Thursday




For the gearheads out there.

Warning:  Bud Porn ahead.





Our smoking stash







Purple Kush



Sour Bubble



West Coast Hash




We also had some Purple Voodoo
and several dime bags from Vancouver



The Grows