First things first, get the furnace serviced, I will want it at night I am sure.

July 25, 2019

Beginning mileage 47,979


First night out, Salt Fort State Park, Lore City, Ohio.

Mileage 48,265  ( 286 miles )

Hobo at rest

Click image for full size



July 26, 2019


Second night out Moraine View State Park, Le Roy, Illinois

Mileage 48,704  ( today 439 cumulative 725 )

Hobo rests again.

Click image for full size

July 27, 2019


Third night out Timberline RV Campground,  Waukee, Iowa

Mileage 49038 (  today 334  cumulative 1,059 )


Two landmarks today.

A Rialta sighting I 74 east bound near Knoxville, Ill.

Crossed the Mississippi River.

Hobo at rest and cooling down.

Click image for full size



Forth night out The County Line Campground, Summit, South Dakaota

Mileage 49424 (  today 386   cumulative 1445  )

Hobo at rest and drying off after a sometimes rainy day.


Sunset over Summit, South Dakota.


Shy and Judy resting on Hobo's bed.



Fifth night out Pierce County Fairground, Rugby, North Dakota.
Free boondock with electric and water

Mileage 49750  ( today 326 cumulative 1771 )


Big sky


Pierce County Fairgrounds

There was one other camper way over the other side of the fairgrounds.
You can just see Hobo at the far left of the picture.


Obligatory Hobo pic


Rugby, South Dakota is also the Geographical center of north America.




July 30, 2019


Sixth night out Shady Rest Campground, Glasgow, Montana



July 31, 2019


Seventh night out Daisymay Campground, Ft Macleod, Alberta, Canada


Mileage 50467 Cumulative 2488


Alberta Welcome Center





August 1, 2019


Overflow camping at Lake Louise, Banff NP,Alberta, Canada
This is a three day weekend for Canadians so camping in popular spots is sparce.


Mileage  50682  today 216 cumulative 2703


Banff National Park


Banff NP again, pretty water running pretty fast, would make a nice Kayak ride.


Banff NP, did I say they have some mountains?


The overflow parking lot overflow camping area.


Adendum to the day


On the way to Banff we stopped at Clarity Cannabis in High River, Alberta. for their menu.

A gram of sativa ( La Strada ) and a gram of an indica ( Casablanca ) were purchased.
This purchase was made with my US MasterCard, first buy ever on a credit card for me.

August 2, 2019


Nitehawk Campground Grovedale, Alberta


Mileage 51066  today 384 cumulative 3087


We departed our Banff NP luxury accomodations and headed north into Jasper NP


They have these mountains here.


They also have lakes with their mountains.


A pretty mangy looking Stone Sheep


His buddy was a little more photogenic.


Thay have crazy rivers. When they hit a flat spot the break up into dozens of little channels.


Columbia Ice Field ( glacier ) Third largest in North America.


The town of Jasper seems mostly built to get that tourist Loonie. That is the Canadian one
dollar coin, the two dollar coin is called the Toonie. The smallest bill they print is a five. The
paper money is not paper, it is plastic.


Leaving the park we took route 40 to Grand Prairie ( the scenic route ).


Carabu crossing sign


Mandatory Hobo pic.


August 3, 2019


Pink Mountain Campground, Pink Mountain, British Columbia Canada


Mileage 51295 today 229 cumulative 3311


Started out the day in Grande Praire with an oil change with 5W40 Full Synthetic.
Then had the right rear tire pulled and inspected. It had lost a little pressure and
I wanted to see things were right before taking off into the wilderness.
And did laundry.
That is why only 229 miles today.


For me a once in a lifetime event.
Okay OMB, there is a pic of me.


The mandatory Hobo pic of the day.



August 4, 2019


Strawberry Flats Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada


Mileage 51579  today  284  cumulative  3600


Yes, more mountains


Even more mountains.


And rivers


Some Canadian shrooms


Shy on patrol in the Canadian wilderness


Not mountain goats, Stone Sheep


A bunch of Stone Sheep.


Mandatory Hobo shot.



August 5, 2019


Caribu RV Park, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada


Mileage 52013  today 434 cumulative  4034


Signpost Forest Watson Lake, Yukon Territory


A lot of signs




More bison


Even more bison


Several at a time


Tending the young one


And a baby one.


Mandatory Hobo pic.


August 6, 2019


Beaver Creek RV Park & Motel, Beaver Creek, Yukon Territory


Mileage 52289  today  276   cumulative  4310


Tough 276 miles today.  Rain off and on. The road got pretty nasty.

No pix today, more tomorrow after we cross into Alaska.


August 7, 2019


Chena River State Recreation Area, Fairbanks, Alaska


Mileage 52607  today  318   cumulative  4628


YAHOO, we made it to Alaska.


We had pizza from Fast Eddy's in Tok


Nice old Buick spotted in Beaver Creek


Mandatory Hobo pic


Hopefully I will find a new battery for my good camera
and we will have some better pictures tomorrow.



August 8, 2019


Same camp as last night


Mileage  52629  today 19  cumulative  4,647


Antler Arch


Antler Arch Sign


Rose in the park


Hobo in a parking lot with plugs for block heaters ( COLD winters ).



August 9, 2019


Rivers Edge RV Park, Fairbanks,Alaska


Mileage  52,792  today 163  cumulative  4813


We went to Livengood, Alaska today, 80 miles to a highway maintainance shop.


Results of a forest fire.


A little view of the pipeline.



We did get there.



August 10, 2019


Tatlanica Campground Healy Alaska


Mileage  52980  Today  188  Cumulative  5001


Okay Key Northern Lights theme, we saw a moose.


Big old burl in Denali NP


Some shrooms


Some big shrooms


Denali road sign


A sled dog that likes attention and let me scratch on him.


Oh, and they do have mountains.


Mandatory Hobo picture.



August 11, 2019


Still at Tatlinka


Mileage  53,061  today  87  Cumulative  5082


Moose antlers


He says it goes in the snow.


Shy and Judy in the wild.


Shy on patrol.


Yes, Alaska even has more mountains


Hobo at Otto Lake, Healy, Alaska.



August 12, 1019


Cantwell RV Park, Cantwell, Alaska


Mileage  53149  today 88  Cumulative  5170


Judy saw caribou


And moose


And a rare clear day view of Denali


What a great mountain.

Judy at Denali

Mandatory HOBO pic.


August 13, 2019


Cantwell RV Park again


Mileage  53158  today  9  cumulative  5179


Overcast draizzle off and on kind of day. Laundry got done.


If you need some dog mushing done, these are the people.


Hobo parked on Jack River Canyon Road just ouside Cantwell.


August 14, 2019


ARRI semi Campground, Talkeetna, Alaska


Mileage  53284  today 126  cumulative 5305


Alaska Veterans Memorial


An excellent dinner was  consumed here in Talkneeta.


With a very good chocolate malt from these folks for dessert.


Hobo and I in a hubcap.



August 15, 2019


Lucy Lake Park, Wasilla, Alaska


Mileage  53357   Today 73    Cumulative  5378


We had brunch here after stopping and getting some pastry yesterday. Recommended


Judy stumbled across a fixer upper.


We went here.


Saw this replica of a food cache.


Hobo and a big friend



August 16, 2019


Creekwood Motel and RV Park, Anchorage, Alaska


Mileage  53422  today  65  cumulative  5443


Early morning moose on the loose in the campground


Eklutna Lake


Eklutna Glacier ( also seen in the upper right corner of the previous picture


Mandatory Hobo pic.




August 17, 2019


Centenial Park, Anchorage, Alaska


Mileage  53458  today  36  cumulative  5,479


A moose on the loose again.


A touchy moment when they first met.


And still mountains everywhere.


Hobo buttoned up for the night and pulling 32 OTA TV broadcast channels.


August 18, 2019


Centenial Park, Anchorage, Alaska


Mileage  53471  today  13  Cumulative  5.492


A salmon stream in almost downtown Anchorage


Ship Creek salmon


Hobo, moved over one campsite.



August 19, 2019


Resurrection North Campground, Seward, Alaska


Mileage  53623  today  152  cumulative  5644


Today was glaciers






And wildlife





August 20, 2019


Homer Spit Campground, Homer, Alaska


Mileage  53792  today  169  cumulative  5813


Smokey going along Sterling Highway


The smoke was very heavy.


Also where the road ends


Homer Spit, we are camped out at the end of it.


Canna Bus


August 21, 2019


Centenial Park Campground, Anchorage, Alaska
We liked this one so are staying a night again on our way to Palmer.


Mileage  54,019  today  227  cumulative  6,040


Morning sun through smoke.


On our way back north we stopped at the Soldotna Wednesday Market In The Park.


Lots of smoke coming up.


Smoldering right along the road.


Smoke everywhere.


Hobo at Homer Spit this morning.


August 22, 2019


Grand View Cafe And RV Park, Grand View, Alaska


Mileage  54,135  today  116  cumulative  6,156


Matanuska Glacier most impressive so far


Matanuska River


Hobo on a backroad bridge


August 23, 2019


Northern Nights Camp Ground, Glennallen, Alaska
Sparks grocery right across the road has great pizza.


Mileage  54,231  today  96  cumulative  6,252


Matanuska Glacier


End of the glacier


Judy on the glacier


Hobo in the campground. and Shy on the left.


August 24, 2019


Wrangle-St Elias National Park boondock at the Dead Dog Hill Wayside
18 miles down a dirt road


Mileage  54,339  today  108  cumulative  6,360


1956 Buick Century parked across from the camp ground


Hobo found a friend at the Wrangle-St Elias visitors center


Yes, they have mountains in southeast Alaska too.


Little lake just below our boondock


Hobo and me at Wrangle-St Elias National Park



August 25, 2019


Tundra RV Park, Tok, Alaska


Mileage  54,420  today  81  cumulative 6,441


Breakfast view


Alaskan flora


Yes they have snowcapped mountains in southeast Alaska



August 26, 2019


Kluane RV Kampground, Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, Canada


Mileage  54,704  today 284  cumulative  6,725


Snowcaps ttrying to hide in the clouds


View out of Hobo's back window this evening.



August 27, 2019


Downtown RV Park, Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada


Mileage  55,069  today  365  Cumulative  7,090


Judy meets moose




August 28, 2019


Triple G Campground, Fort Nelson,      , Canada


Mileage  55,380 today  311  cumulative 7,401




Wood Bison


Judy in hot water.  Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park



August 29, 2019


Mile 0 RV Park, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada


Mileage 55,663  today  283  cumulative 7,684


Finally got a bear picture.


Hobo got to park next to Kris Valencia of the Milepost staff.



August 30, 2019


Lessard Lake Campground and Outdoor Education Center
Sangudo, Alberta, Canada


Mileage  55,964  today  301  cumulative  7,985


Sunset over Lessard Lake


Hobo in the wild with Shy.



August 31, 2019


Glenburn Provincial Park, Maymont, Saskatchewan, Canada


Mileage  56,299  today  335  Cumulative  8,320


Canadian wheat fields forever.


Hobo at the Beer Garden



September 1, 2019


York Lake Reginal Park Campground, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada


Mileage  56,574  today  275  cumulative  8,595


Morning dew on a spiderweb


September 2, 2019


Arrowhead RV Park, Ile Des Chenes, Manitoba, Canada


Mileage  56,870  today 296  cumulative  8,891


Hanging with some big rigs.


September 3, 2019


St Cloud Campground and RV Park, St Cloud, Minn, USA


Mileage  57,281  today 411  cumulative 9,302


I like it.


Shy, Judy, Hobo



September 4, 2019


Shabbona Lake State Park, Shabbona, Illinois


Mileage  57,710  today  429  Cumulative  9,731


Strange cloud?


Nope, a polluting smoke stack


September 5, 2019


Tomorrow's Stars RV Resort, South Charleston, Ohio


Mileage  58,118  today  408  Cumulative 10,139


As close as we got to downtown Indianapollis


Indianapollis afternoon rush hour.



September 6, 2019




Mileage  58,509  today  391  cumulative  10,530


Lovely downtown Columbus, Ohio.


It has been a fun 10,530 miles.