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from the search for
to Adventure Reports from
where ever it can be driven




I started my quest better than a year ago. I owned a 1990 La Sharo.
It is a Rialta on a Renault chasis with a 2 liter 4 cylinder motor that
doesn't make enough horse power to get out of it's own way.
 Excellent concept just way underpowered.


Horse power being of prime impotance meant I was loooking for the
201HP VR6 24 valve motor. This motor was introduced to the Rialta
 in 2002, replacing the 140HP 12 valve VR6. 2002 or newer was the
decided upon plan of action.


The La Sharo has the Rialta QD floor plan. I can sleep in the dinette
benches folded into a bed but I do not find it comfortable at all. The
HD  is closer but still uses the dinette/bed trick. No mustard is cut.


Then comes the FD, real bed or beds ( double or twins ), small fold
out table between the front and rear passenger seats, heaps of storage
in the double model because where the other twin bed would go is a
vanity and small chest of drawers. The wife and I like to sleep in close
proximity so an FD Double is what is needed.



The FD Double floor plan


Now I know what I want, but where to find it?
eBay, Craigslist, RVTrader, RVT or any of a
multitude of RV specific search sites.


You can kill two birds with one stone.



Key in a zipcode and change the miles to any.

You get in return a nationwide, yes nationwide, in one place
Craigslist listings, eBay listings, and Amazon listings.
Beware, on Craigslist at least half the listings are scams.
They usually stick out , a 40k mile 2004 would not sell for $2000.
This became my check a couple times a day for Rialtas site


If you have a big budget, there is always Rialta Heaven.

A 4/10/2017 price list lives here


There is a links page, click Links at the top of this page
for some more places to search for your Rialta